Hole By Hole

Yardages are from the black tees

No. 1- 301 yards -Par4

This hole is open and short, which makes for a nice opening hole.

Long ball hitters may choose to pull out driver and drive the green,
while others may choose to play it safe with an iron off the
tee and a wedge to approachthe fairly
even green. Keep in mind the fairway is narrow
in width and so is the green.



 No. 2 -359 yard -Par 4


Many think this is the most difficult  hole here 
because of a blind tee shot, dogleg right and one of
the most difficult greens on the course.

Aim a little more to the right than you think because 
it opens up and reduces the length of your second

Next, try to stay below the hole on your approach 
due to the elevation change of the green.  







No. 3 -136 yard- Par-3


The first of the par 3's! 

You'll definitely not want to be short or long on this hole.
Although it is one of three short par-3s, the two-tiered
green may give you trouble


No. 4-  287 yard -Par 4


Just look at this beauty! Definitely the most deceiving hole on the course,
because it measures on 287 yards from the tips, the long hitters psyche
will beg them to go for it.

The large green is guarded by bunkers in the front, marshland to the right and a drop off in the rear.
A straight drive up to 285 will leave you a nice pitch to the pin.

Go for the green at your own risk!!


No. 5 -153 yard- Par 3


A nice par 3 before you get to take your driver out on the 
par 5. 

The only trouble you may find is the horseshoe bunker that guards
the front right side of the green. Also, if teeing off from the blacks, the
tall marsh grass may make for a blind shot. 

 The other tee boxes have a straight shot to the tiered green.



No. 6 -515 yard -Par-5


From all tee boxes, you have a beautiful straight view to the solitary
green over 500 yards away. Some say this view reminds them of low
country golf in North Carolina. 

Being the only par 5 on the course, you can finally let it fly! Off the tee, the fairway
opens up to the right and there is a lot of room.

The fairway narrows in the middle and a long undulating green awaits you
at the end. The fairway extends to the right of the green so that's
where you want to miss with your approach shot.

The green is long and could set you up with a long PGA style putt.

No. 7 -284 yard- par-4

Birdie Time! Most definitely a chance to get one back!

Pretty straight away and only 284 yards from all the way back.

Don't get too excited, you may find trouble off the tee, so stay to the left. 
Then get it on the green and knock it in.





No. 8 -141 yard-  Par-3


 This, the last of the par-3s plays relatively easily with a straightaway
onto a large two-tiered green.

Although if you are long you may need to look both ways before
crossing the traffic on the other side of the fence! If you can
score on the par-3s, you can score on this course. 



No. 9 -338 yard -par-4


By now you are probably thinking to yourself that this is the most
scenic but challenging short course you have ever played.

The second longest par 4 with a little trouble if you don't stay in
bounds. Stay to the left sides as the fairway funnels to the right.
Sort of a island green with a hazard on the right side await you.

Keep the approach to the left and don't overshoot. Enjoy the last
hole and go in the clubhouse and have a beverage or head back out and do it all over again!